littlegren’s favourite colourful succulents

There are many succulents that range in colours. Succulents are found all over the world, and are especially beautiful when the range of colours changes due to a range of different factors. We still have our favourites though, so in this blog post we want to share our selection of some of the most colourful succulents and what they look like - so you know exactly you can get your hands on!


echeveria “afterglow”

Echeveria “afterglow” is one the most popular Echeverias, due to its large colourful flowers. The beautiful rosettes have a reddish tinge, powdery pink to lavender leaves, while the edges of the flower's petals are bright pink.

echeveria subrigida 'fire and ice'

This variety of Echeveria has a unique colour combination-bright green and purple. You can almost say it is two plants in one! With gorgeous wide rosettes of wide spade-shape blue-green leaves.

crassula capitella thyrsiflora 'campfire'

This variety of Crassula (Jade Plant) has orange-red flower heads. This colourful succulent thrives in full sun and it is very tolerant of neglect, making it a good plant to keep for beginner gardeners.

crassula "marble queen"

This variety of Crassula (or Jade Plant) produces white blooms with pink edges. The leaves are also less stiff than other Crassulas, giving you a more delicate looking plant.

aeonium 'kiwi'

This colourful succulent grows pink-white leaves that resemble kiwis and the flowers are bright red. These colourful succulents like full sun and dry conditions. They can be grown in a container or as a ground cover plant.

echeveria "doris taylor"

Echeveria "Doris Taylor" is another very popular Echeveria which has flowers that match their foliage. This variety has medium-sized blue rosettes, with white streaked markings towards the tips of the leaves.

echeveria derenbergii "ghost"

This hardy Echeveria produces yellowish pink flowers on dishevelled stems yield green leaves with an interesting twist.


The genus Aeonium, has many different species and subspecies with varying colours. They come in red, purple, orange, yellow, green and combinations thereof.


Agave are so easy to grow, while rewarding you with their huge, dramatic flowers in summer. The colours range from light yellow, to bright orange and dark reds or purples.


Aloe are typically green but many have different colours depending on the species. There are aloes that are brown-red, yellow, pinkish-red and many other shades of red and orange.

aloe bainesii

Aloe bainesii is quite a unique looking aloe and it has shades of yellow and pinkish-red. The flower shows up in winter and lasts for long time on the plant.

aptenia cordifolia

Aptenia cordifolia come in many different forms. The most common one is red but there are orange, pink and yellow ones too. They look great planted in a group together.

argyroderma fissum

Argyroderma fissum comes in many different colours, including purple-pink, purple-brown, white/yellow striped and dark!

want to keep colourful succulents in your home or office, but don't know where to start?

There are a range of succulents you can keep inside, but it's good to know exactly how to care for them first. Read the blog we posted about tips and tricks to keep succulents alive indoors!