terrarium care

Your terrarium is a collection of small, decorative plants growing in an enclosed environment that give your space a beautiful, decorative piece for home decor. These miniature gardens are kept inside small containers. littlegren lets you build your own terrarium that's completely unique by customising the carefully crafted base, your local succulents and pebble design.

With a large focus on the complete terrarium experience, your littlegren will delight you from the moment you receive your package delivered to your door, through to the happiness felt by watching your miniature garden grow.

littlegren’s foundations revolve around sustainable gardening, design & joyful experiences. little utopia, our most dramatic design, comes with a bold selection of stones. little oasis is lovingly packed with a uniquely-shaped Gollum Jade plant secured in gorgeous white pebbles. The little haven terrarium is your Yin and Yang, featuring a beautiful variety of Jade that stretches above your chosen succulents.

The brand aesthetic is identified by customising your base. Choosing between our carefully crafted cork, marble or concrete bases, while every DIY terrarium comes with a temperate glass top.


how often should I water my terrarium?

As littlegren succulent terrariums include plants that don’t need much watering, they are extremely low maintenance. Your succulents will appreciate a dry, arid environment that will replicate the environment they need to thrive in their native warm and dry climate. 

Water your littlegren terrarium minimally for your succulents to flourish (how easy is that). Use a sparing amount of water and aim for about once a month during the warmer months. Leave up to two months during the cooler months and allow the soil to completely dry out between watering. The best way to see if your terrarium needs more water is by touching the soil and seeing if it’s completely dry. If it is, you can give it a light soil mist. Check the health of your succulents as well. Soft, mushy, translucent leaves could be due to overwatering your succulents. If the succulent leaves are shrivelling up, dried up or turning brown, they may be under watered.


where should I position my new terrarium?

A bright location with natural sunlight is best for your littlegren succulent terrarium.Try not to position your terrarium in direct sunlight in the hot months of the year as the succulents may burn. The extreme sun in combination with high temperatures can be a killer to your little succulents. To ensure even growth and colour of your plants, you can rotate the positioning of your terrarium every couple of months.


my jade plant or shrek's ear didn't arrive with roots?

When we ship the jade plants or shrek's ears found in the little oasis and little haven terrariums, typically they don't have roots yet. We purposefully ship them without roots as they last longer, and we want the plants to be as healthy as possible when they arrive. The beauty of succulents is that they sprout roots pretty quickly! They should grow once you plant them in your littlegren terrarium, as all they need is soil and a little bit of water to thrive. 


my jade plant drops its leaves?

If you think your jade plant is dropping leaves due to root rot, then you should remove the plant from its pot, wash away the soil, cut away any damaged roots and repot. If the leaves look dry and withered, simply water the jade plant a little more frequently, but still sparingly while avoiding the other succulents in the terrarium. 

If you need any more help, please reach out to with pictures of your jade plant and we can assist further.


how do I care for my jade plant?

  1. When watering your jade plant, it should only be when the soil is dry to touch, normally around 1-2 inches of the soil should be dry before you think about watering because you don't want to drown the plant.
  2. Jade plants in particular LOVES the sun and needs at least 4 hours a day in indirect sunlight.
  3. Do not overwater or underwater! Use a water dropper to water the plant directly if the other plants in the terrarium do not require as much as the jade.
  4. Try an organic liquid fertiliser if your jade plant needs a little extra love! We really love Grow Bio Organic Nutrient Fertiliser.


my succulents are dying?

One of the main causes of succulent death in a terrarium is actually overwatering. Pull back on the water and be sure that the soil is completely dry before giving your succulents their required light mist of water. Positioning your littlegren in the wrong spot can also kill your succulents, make sure they are receiving enough sunlight, but aren’t burning during summer. If you have added your own plants to your DIY terrarium, make sure they have the same care requirements as mixing succulents with plants that love humidity is not recommended.


should I trim my succulent leaves?

You can promote new growth by cutting any dead leaves or plant matter that looks like it’s dead or dying. Do this by getting a pair of little scissors and do some micro terrarium gardening. Be sure that your succulents aren’t too cramped within your littlgren terrarium and also ensure they aren’t outgrowing the temperate glass top.


my terrarium has bugs inside?

As your littlegren terrarium comes with natural matter, succulents and soil are organic and  occasionally tiny pests may appear. Mealy bugs are a common succulent pest. They are a very small, white powdery bug that hides inside leaves and crevices. They are completely harmless, but if you want to give your terrarium a light spray of low toxicity pyrethrum solution, you can purchase it from your local nursery store.


how many succulents come with the little trio in each glass terrarium?

Three succulents come with two terrariums (little blu and little eden), and four succulents come in the third (little ruby). One succulent is customisable in the little ruby and little eden, and you are able to customise two succulents with the little blu.



how long should the succulents last in the packaging?

The succulents can live for two weeks once packed. We send them with minimal roots, so they arrive in the best condition possible and can last the longest amount of time without soil or water. You will receive a delivery notification once we have shipped your order.


I want to buy a littlegren as a Christmas gift, when is the best time to order?

The succulents can live for at least 2 weeks once packed, therefore it's highly recommended to order the package on a date a little while before Christmas, as some orders could take up to a week due to delays with Covid restrictions.

Many of our customers are prepaying, then asking us to ship the terrariums on the week of the 13th of December. We are more than happy to accommodate any date you would like, but we cannot guarantee the date your terrarium will arrive. Generally, orders take 2-5 business days*.

Simply place your order at the littlegren store, and on the checkout page, add a note to your order with the specific day you want us to send the package. Also specify the order is a pre-order. You will receive your tracking number and order notification when we ship your order.


can I book a shipping date for busy periods and holidays?

Absolutely, we are more than happy to accommodate any date you would like, we just cannot guarantee the exact date your terrarium will arrive. Generally, orders take 2-5 business days to arrive*.


Simply place your order at the littlegren store, and on the checkout page, add a note to your order with the specific day you want us to send the package. Also specify the order is a pre-order. You will receive your tracking number in an email when we ship your order. Head to the littlegren store and when you checkout, specify a shipping date in the note section to ensure your littlegren will arrive in time for the busy holiday periods.


what day will my order arrive?

We aim to process orders 1-3 business days once payments are received and you should expect your package within 2-5 business days* as littlegren uses express postage Australia wide. This is subject to there being no delivery problems such as an incorrect address, there is no one available to accept delivery, or there is nowhere safe to leave the delivery. 

my order arrived sooner than expected. How do I keep the plants alive/stored until I give the littlegren as a gift?

The succulents can live for at least two weeks once packed. We send them with minimal roots, so they arrive in the best condition possible and can last the longest amount of time without soil or water.

We do not recommend leaving the succulents within the packaging for longer than this, but in this instance, please open the bio cups with the succulent cuttings inside, and moisten the moss that is inside the package. Then re-wrap the succulent cuttings. Also remove the wrapped succulents and moisten the base. Leave this outside the package until you have to repack the succulents.

This process will rejuvenate your succulents for another couple of weeks. If you need any more help, please reach out to we will do our best to help you.

do you offer same day delivery?

Due to large order quantities and the the amount of care that goes into packaging your littlegren, we do not offer same day delivery. Deliveries are normally received after 1-3 days after processing your order. When your order has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation to keep you informed about expected delivery times.


where do you ship from?

All orders are shipped from Kent Town in Adelaide, South Australia. All succulents are sourced from local nurseries to ensure we have the best and healthiest succulents to provide to our customers. Whenever possible, using local products and supporting local Australian businesses is fo the highest priority.


do you ship worldwide?

As we ship the whole terrarium with all the ingredients needed, including the succulents and soil, currently littlegren terrariums will only be sold within Australia due to restrictions and regulations with customs. littlegren has plans to ship abroad in the near future. Be sure to follow our social media and sign up to our mailing list for updates about shipping abroad.


what delivery method do you use?

At littlegren, all our orders are shipped with Sendle, a 100% carbon-neutral shipping service. Once your shipment goes out, you will receive an email with your tracking information and ETA. With your seven-digit tracking number you can track your package anytime at If you have questions about your shipment, please contact Sendle by visiting Each delivery is hand delivered to your residential address or place of business.


how can I ensure my order is successfully delivered?

At littlegren we require a signature to ensure you’ve received your terrarium hassle free. We do not offer the option to leave the parcel unattended in any circumstance, to give you peace of mind that your littlegren will be successfully delivered.


how much does delivery cost?

Shipping charges for your order will be calculated and displayed at checkout. littlegren offers free shipping for orders over $100 (otherwise a flat rate of $17 Australia wide, ($12 within South Australia).


where do you deliver within Australia?

We sell our DIY terrariums Australia wide, excluding WA, NT and TAS due to limitations when shipping different soils into these states. Unfortunately if you reside in the states mentioned above, you will not be able to order a littlegren terrarium. 


any other questions or feedback?

Email us at if you have any other questions or feedback and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.


*littlegren will not be shipping orders from the 20th of December 2021, till the 3rd of January 2022. Our succulents (and our team) need a break to enjoy the end of year festivities!