FAQs | Wethewild Mini Essentials Kit

can the products be used on indoor/ outdoor succulents and plants?

100%! These products contain a carefully curated ingredient list based on innovative plant science, made to perform and leave you with lasting results.


how much product is too much?

These products are almost full proof - meaning you cannot overdose your succulent or plant with product. With this said... we do recommend no more than once a fortnight. 


where are the products made?

wethewild manufacture their products in our home town of South Australia in a large scale worm farm!


what ingredients are used?

wethewild work side by side with local council and agriculture members to redirect their waste from landfill. Almost 20 ingredients are utilised within this product, some even from leaf litter or butcher's waste!


how do the products smell?

The support and grow products within the pack are very low in odour, however, once mixed with water they become completely odourless! 

The protect product has a subtle lemon scent that is quite popular with many customers.


will i get the same results even though npk levels are lower? 

micro-organisms contained in wethewild products actually produce better results! due to the amazing ingredients list and manufacturing process, these products prepare your succas to absorb and accept nutrients very quickly. Due to this you don't need to solely rely on the nutrient value found in soil, collecting as salt. 


are they safe for pets or children? 

Although wethewild products are clean and very healthy for your succas it is not so healthy for your pets or kids as they contain live bacteria. Keep your products in a safe space away from tiny paws or hands, seeking medical advice where necessary.


are the products vegan?

Due to the involvement of worms during manufacturing it is unfortunately not classified as a vegan product.


how do i use protect spray on gnats? 

Make sure to dry out the top of your succas soil before following the protect spray's instructions and spraying the top of the soil. Make sure you repeat this cycle every 4-5 days.


can i use the products on edible plants?

Grow and support are known for their success with edible plants, however, protect contains an ingredient called 'neem' so please proceed with caution and research this ingredient independently before applying to your edible plant.