discover our favourite types of succulents

littlegren’s favourite succulents

1. graptosedum bronze delight

This gorgeous succulent is practically blushing, with a mix of green, bronze, and pink colours. It’s easy to grow and looks beautiful all year round.


2. sedeveria mailen

This succulent grows in a rosette, with leaves coloured lime-green, blue-green, and red-orange at the tips. In summer, watch out for beautiful white flowers!


3. graptopetalum mendozae

This type of succulent likes to spread out! With beautiful grey leaves and star-shaped flowers, it can spread up to 6 inches.


4. crassula perforata

Also known as the ‘string of buttons’ grows upwards rather than outwards – she’s a tall lady! She has grey-green leaves and yellow flowers in spring.


5. graptoveria tricolour

This is a classic collector’s succulent. It grows in a rosette, with silver and pink leaves – and it loves the sun.


6. aeonium haworthi

This one is a little different, growing in winter and crinkling up in summer. They like moist shade and have blue-green rosette leaves.


7. sedum clavatum

This blue-green succulent grows in clumps along the stems. Careful, if it’s had too much sun or cold it’ll go pink!


8. sedum pats pink

This pink beauty just loves the sun and thrives in dry conditions. Be sure to remove the lower leaves in winter to prevent fungus.


9. graptoveria titubans

It’s easy to see why it’s called the ‘Porcelain Plant’ with its perfectly-formed rosette of silver-grey leaves. It can handle cooler temperatures but will turn pink at the leaf tips.


10. echeveria semnan

With its brilliant green leaves, this succulent grows best with regular watering. This one is popular and can be found in most terrariums


11. echeveria elegans

This sun loving succulent comes with gorgeous tight rosettes and is known as the ‘Mexican snow ball’ or ‘white Mexican rose’ due to its pale green, almost icy colour.


12. graptopetalum paraguayense

Known as a 'Ghost Plant', these gorgeous pastel coloured succulents thrive best in terrariums that receive plenty of bright, partial sunlight. This is to ensure they don’t get sunburned.


13. graptoveria ‘douglas huth’
This succulent produces gorgeous fleshy, purple coloured leaves and pink flowers (when flowering). It’s known to be a beautiful looking succulent, ensure this succulents have excellent drainage and moderate water.


14. sedum corynephyllum 'toliman stonecrop'
Shaped in cylindrical little clusters, this succulent doesn’t require much water, but to fully develop in colour sunlight is needed.


15. sedum pachyphyllum 'Jelly Beans'
Commonly known as jelly-beans, the jelly bean plant, or pork and beans, this colourful succulent look like lollies when they receive the right amount of sun, but can turn green if underexposed. 

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