how to propagate succulents: a step by step process for propagating succulent cuttings

Succulents are popular plants for home decor, but succulents can also be propagated to make more succulent cuttings. Propagating succulent cuttings is a great way of getting succulents that you can share with friends or family members. It's easy and fun! In this blog post, we will talk about how to propagate succulents from cuttings in the simplest way possible.

Succulents can be propagated in many different ways, including stem cuttings or leaf cuttings. Cutting succulent plants is a good way of multiplying succulents and one succulent plant can easily become an entire garden! Although this process may not work on all succulents, there are some that will produce amazing propagations from cuttings and succulents like these are definitely worth growing.

step 1.

The first step in succulent propagation is to gather the leaves you want to propagate and remove them from the plant's stem carefully so that it will not damage or hurt your succulents. The succulents can be propagated through leaf cuttings, which means removing one of its leaves with scissors or by gently pulling it off of the succulent's stem. This is where your journey of succulent propagation begins.

step 2.

After removing the leaves from the plants, let the wounds on your succulent leaves dry out (for about one to two weeks). During this time, make sure that there is no water or moisture around them because succulents are very sensitive when it comes to getting wet while their wounds are still fresh.

Be gentle with the leaves as they are still healing after you've cut them off. This step is very important because succulents can rot and die if you don't properly dry the cut leaves. There are many techniques for propagating succulents, but this is probably one of the easiest methods that you can use at home. Place the succulents on a windowsill that gets sunlight for most of the day or, if you don't have a sunny windowsill in your house, under fluorescent lights. This succulent propagation method is called 'dry succulent propagation' and it can be done indoors, or outdoors, on a windowsill with good sunlight exposure. You will know that the cuts are healed when they turn into a darker colour. 

step 3. 

The next step is where the magic happens, it's time to start growing roots! Grow your root sprouts in a succulent propagation box or succulent cloche. A succulents propagation box will allow the cuttings to grow and become full plants all while keeping them contained until you can plant each one into their own potting mix that they like. Alternatively, you can place the succulent cuttings on top of the soil and wait for the roots to grow into the soil. Once they have you can then plant them in a succulent pot of your choosing, succulents pots are great because they come with drainage holes which is necessary for succulent care and preventing root rot from overwatering. Once they begin to develop new roots and sprout baby plants this way it's time to  plant them into their succulent pots.

Cutting succulent plants is a good way of multiplying succulents and one succulent plant can easily become an entire garden! Although there are many ways to propagate your cuttings, we will focus on the simplest method in this blog post. Remember, before you get started with propagation, you may want to grab some paper towels or newspapers for this project as well. Try out the most simply way to propagate succulents we talked about in our blog post. 

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