houseplants that can instantly improve your wellbeing and happiness: plant-based Home decor

houseplants for wellbeing and happiness

Houseplants are a fantastic way to instantly improve your wellbeing and happiness! There are houseplants that can dramatically improve your wellbeing, through oxygenating the air, creating zen or clearing your space, and improving your health overall. The houseplants we will talk about in this blog post can all be found at your local nursery. We'll discuss why house plants should be part of every home decor interior design and what health benefits each of these houseplants can provide.

Houseplants that improve your wellbeing and happiness:

peace lily

The peace Lily is great for your wellbeing, the reason it's so good to have around is that it emits negative ions into the air and also absorbs carbon dioxide and replaces it with oxygen. Peace Lilies are a beautiful addition to your home decor as well. The peace lily houseplant is a wonderful house plant choice. The peace lily houseplant is great for your health and wellbeing as it can reduce mould, smells and harmful chemicals in the air (such as ammonia). It's also known to improve indoor air quality! This houseplant has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for generations too.

chinese evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen houseplant is great for your overall health and wellbeing! It's very easy to look after and it emits negative ions into the air which help you feel refreshed, alert and happy - just like many other houseplants that can improve wellbeing while absorbing carbon dioxide and other chemicals within the air, which is great for your health. Chinese Evergreen are native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea, and look great in any space!

money plant houseplant

The money plant houseplant is one that emits negative ions into the air just like many other houseplants, and it's known for its ability to absorb carbon dioxide! This houseplant has been regarded as a symbol of good luck in India and Japan - when you combine this with its beautiful appearance and aroma, is a perfect houseplant to keep in your house! The Jade houseplant is another house plant that emits negative ions into the air, and has been said to bring good luck! This houseplant looks stunning because of its green foliage; it's also great at absorbing pollutants such as formaldehyde.

bamboo houseplant 

Bamboo has a great ability to cleanse the air of toxins such as ammonia, formaldehyde, acetone etc... so if you have pets or cleaning chemicals in your home this houseplant will actively remove them from the air that you and your family breathe. Bamboo does this by absorbing the chemicals in its leaves. Bamboo looks great in any space, but the benefits on your health and wellbeing will ensure it's a popular choice in your home or office. Bamboo will have an instant ethereal feel, and will bring zen to any space it is placed in.

aloe vera 

The Aloe Vera house plant is great for health - it's a wonderful natural medicine and has many benefits such as soothing burns, treating skin conditions (psoriasis), aids digestion and relieves symptoms of arthritis to name just a few... But this houseplant can have even more health and wellbeing benefits. The use of Aloe Vera for health and wellbeing has been around for years, in many different countries such as Arabia, Madagascar and Australia. This houseplant can improve wellbeing and make you feel better, as well as reducing risk of allergies in the home! It emits oxygen into the air so it's a fantastic plant to have indoors if you suffer from breathing conditions such as asthma or any other respiratory problems too. This houseplant has the ability to aid digestion, so if you have problems with bloating or cramps it can be a great houseplant for your home.

Now that house plants are becoming more popular, you will find it much easier to incorporate house plant decor into your home design interior by simply adding a houseplant or two in different rooms of the house where they'll fit best! Just remember, don't overdo it - too many houseplants might make your house look too green and house plants should be used to complement your house decor, not dominate it. Houseplants that can instantly improve your wellbeing and happiness and this blog will looked at all the houseplants that can dramatically improve your wellbeing, to help narrow down your choices!


what houseplants do you keep in your home?

An open DIY terrarium is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in keeping a house plant or office plant – for those who are busy with their jobs and homes, an open DIY terrarium is an easy and low maintenance alternative to the plants we mentioned above.

With littlegren, you can build your own DIY terrarium – just choose your terrarium, a feature plant, your customisable  succulents and we will do the rest!