3 things to know about terrariums

1. there are two types of terrarium: open & closed

    An open terrarium means that the glass container is open to the air. This means you’ll need to water them from time to time. Open terrariums are best suited for plants that prefer dry environments, like succulents and cacti.

    A closed terrarium is completely sealed. This means that it’s self-sufficient, maintaining its own moisture so its leafy inhabitants can thrive. Ferns, ivies, and begonias love humidity, so a closed terrarium is perfect for them. 


    2. the earth is much like a closed terrarium

    That’s right. We’re all living in a gigantic terrarium. Fancy that?

    Because it’s sealed, a closed terrarium creates its own ecosystem and weather cycle. Its glass walls let sunlight in and trap heat. The moisture within the terrarium evaporates, then condenses onto the glass above and rains back down onto the plants – much like our planet!

    3. they can live for over 60 years

    You read that right. This terrarium, owned by David Latimer, was made in 1960 and is still flourishing – 47 years after it was last watered!

    Like many closed terrariums, it’s been able to survive because it recycles all water, carbon dioxide, oxygen, and even fertiliser. 

    Talk about efficiency!

    ready to grow your own terrarium?

    An open DIY terrarium is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in keeping a house plant or office plant – especially if you have a busy lifestyle, live in a small apartment or can’t trust your work colleagues to water your plant, when you’re on annual leave.

    With littlegren, you can build your own DIY terrarium – just choose a base, your prefer kit, a feature plant, and two succulents and you’re ready to grow!