About Us

meet the brand sharing succulents and smiles

a clean, green business – built by passionate plant parents

Based out of Adelaide and shipping nationwide (ex NT, WA & TAS , littlegren is on a mission to bring nature’s gifts to every Australian home – whatever home looks like to you.

We know first-hand the joy that comes when you introduce a little bit of happiness into your life. 

Keeping a garden or houseplants is proven to:

  • Clean the air
  • Boost the mood
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improve focus

So why aren’t people turning off the telly, rushing to their local plant depot, and fetching a dozen leafy shrubberies?

for many city-dwellers, students & busy-bodies, keeping up with houseplants and gardening is impossible...

Too messy, too inconvenient, too time-consuming – too hard to keep alive!

Without a fuss-free alternative, many Australians miss out on the opportunity to brighten their living & office space.

That’s why we’re here. we put our heads together and solved the problem – DIY terrariums that everyone can look after and love!

With littlegren, you don’t have to get lost in the garden centre or fumble over fronds in the homeware department.

With just a few clicks, your personalised terrarium will be on its way! 

Once your terrarium arrives, assembly is simple with our step by step instructions or you can create your own unique layout, finally choose a sunny spot to show it off and sit back & enjoy your “hard” work!.

With our beautiful miniature gardens, you get maximum joy with minimal effort – no daily watering, repotting, or trimming required!

perfect for gardening beginners, office spaces, and thoughtful gifts!

Customisable to your taste and adaptable to any lifestyle, our terrariums are a gift to show off to friends and family. 

With beautiful succulents and an abundance of plant combinations to choose from, anyone can be inspired to start gardening. 

It’s an effortless first step into gardening, and a stylish addition to any home, bedroom, or office space.

What are you waiting for?

our terrariums are eco-friendly, sustainable, and completely recyclable!

It’s all part of our commitment to conscious gardening. 

With littlegren, you can bring nature indoors knowing Mother Nature was considered every step of the way!

build your own terrarium and get started!

What are you waiting for?