Can You Keep a Plant Inside a Windowless Bathroom

Can you keep a plant in a windowless bathroom?

Indoor plants have become increasingly widespread over the years. They are now a common item for embellishing any room, including the bathrooms.

A touch of greenery in the bathrooms can beautify and improve the air quality. They bring an eye-catching appeal to your bathroom and add a splash of splendour. The same applies to bathrooms without windows.

Although decorating a windowless bathroom with a plant is tricky, it is possible. Some plants thrive better in such places than others. This category of plants loves humid, dark, and moist environments.

In this article, you'll find a long list of plants that can enliven your windowless bathroom. You'll also learn the best ways to care for bathroom plants.

Which Plants Can Survive in a Windowless Bathroom?

A windowless bathroom has no natural light coming into them. They are characterized with high temperature and humidity levels.

The following plants can thrive in the windowless bathroom.

Air plant

Tiny Tillandsia Plant, a type of air plant, in Ornamental Head Shaped Plant

The air plant is a fantastic pick for your windowless bathroom. The plant can withstand high temperatures between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means air plants won't be bothered even if you bath with hot water. You may use an overhead fluorescent light or other types of grow lights to provide artificial light for the air plants.

Cast iron plant

Aspidistra Elatior plant

Also known as Aspidistra Elatior, the cast iron plant is literally indestructible. It can thrive in the toughest conditions. So if you have a low light bathroom, the cast iron plant is the perfect option. The plant is also drought tolerant.

Snake plant

Green Snake House Plant

NASA identified the snake plant (also known as mother-in-law's tongue) as an air purification plant. Snake plants can survive in humid environments with low lights. This heat-loving snake plant can survive in temperatures of about 50 degrees.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera plant

The Aloe Vera plant is an amazing addition to your windowless bathroom, not just for its beauty, but for its medicinal value. You can harness all the benefits Aloe Vera has to offer by having them on your bathroom cabinet.

The plant stays tidy indoors and can reach a height of about 12 - 24 inches. It thrives beautifully in considerable humidity and temperatures of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

To maintain the plant, do not overwater it. Also allow it to receive direct sunlight once in every 7-10 days. An artificial light may also be necessary for the plant to survive.

Rubber plant

Close-Up Photo of Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is another plant that can survive in a windowless bathroom. They love an environment where the temperature and humidity are considerably high.

This makes them the bathroom perfect for them. In the day, rubber plants prefer a bathroom temperature that falls between 75 and 80 degrees, while at nights, temperatures between 60 and 70 are preferred.

ZZ plant

ZZ House Plant with White Background

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia plant grows best in a humid environment. So your humid bathroom will lead to more plant growth. The plants are typically 2 to 3 feet tall, so they will not consume too much space.

Thanks to its rugged nature, the ZZ plant can cope with any lighting whether it is bright indirect light, grow light, or low light.

Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo plant, also called Dracaena braunii

The lucky bamboo has a forgiving and luxurious disposition. Low-light plants like this one can thrive beautifully in the toughest conditions. If you have a dark bathroom with no artificial lights, the lucky bamboo will do well.

Spider plant

Green spider plant

If you are on the lookout for an air purifier in the bathroom, consider adding a spider plant to your collection of plants in the bathroom. They eliminate formaldehyde, a component present in several cleaning products.

The plant has a huge preference for high temperatures between 70 - 90 degrees. It also prefers environments with high humidity, or else it will dry out.



Moisture and high humidity are the major requirements for ferns. So, they love windowless bathrooms. They can comfortably thrive in the shower area as long as there is a drain hole in the plant container.

Chinese evergreen

A Person Holding the Plant of Chinese Evergreen

With an attractive foliage, the Chinese evergreen is a pretty addition to any home. It is a tropical plant with an ability to thrive in a humid environment and in low light conditions.

Pothos plant

Green and White Leaves of Pothos on White Wall

Also known as the Devil's Ivy, Pothos plants absorb water easily. This quality makes it a great option for your bathroom. The plants with their long, pretty and cascading vines thrive well with direct light and in places with high humidity.


Plants in the bathroom are common. However, not all plants survive in windowless bathrooms. We have listed some of the best bathroom plants that can withstand the conditions in such bathrooms.

Most of the plants can survive in a humid and low light environment. Sometimes you'll need artificial lighting like fluorescent lights or indirect sunlight to maintain the plants.